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A day at our spa – indulge in the delights of our undivided attention and ultimate indulgence. We are known for our expert therapists. It’s the attention to detail and touches of luxe that make all the difference. Make a day of it, hit reset and take some time out for yourself.
Sunny Nails & Spa | Nail salon in Santee, CA 92071
Everyone deserves to be pampered in a modern serene atmosphere. In our stylish, clean and relaxing setting, you are treated to the highest quality services and products you can trust. Sunny Nails & Spa is one of best places in the city of Santee, CA 92071 to receive spa treatments, massages, nail art designs, and more at value prices! Relaxing, pampering, or just for the fun of it — Sunny Nails & Spa | Nail salon in Santee has day spa packages for every taste and desire. WE BELIEVE THAT QUALITY DOES NOT NEED TO BE EXPENSIVE, JUST EXPECTED!

Acrylic Nail Services

Nail trends are continually changing, but one thing that can't be replaced is Acrylic Nails. Acrylic is a nail enhancement that is a mix of acrylic powder & acrylic liquid monomer. When combined it forms a blob of a jelly-like texture, placed onto the nail or tip to sculpt/shape and air-dried. This combination creates an artificial layer on your nail that provides you with additional protection. Acrylic Nails will allow you to try different nail shapes easily since they are strong enough to hold without breaking.
Sunny Nails & Spa | Nail salon in Santee, CA 92071
Let’s go beyond the basics with Acrylic Nails! The acrylic nail technique is an affordable option providing you with a stronger finished product than a regular manicure polish. The acrylic menu includes Acrylic Full Set/ with gel color (your set will be in acrylic with any charge for nail art and add-ons), Acrylic Fill/ with gel color (your fill will be in acrylic with any charge for nail art and add-ons). Please keep in mind that without a trained technician, removing Acrylic Nails often results in damaging the nail bed, which means you may have to suffer through your nail growing out before getting another nail service.

Sunny Nails & Spa | Nail salon 92071
Address: 9874 N Magnolia Ave, Santee, CA 92071 (Next to Smart & Final extra)
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